Rage Cage Quiver 5-Arrow Quiver Black 32200

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0.74 LBS
6.60 (in)
2.30 (in)
14.40 (in)
The optimum quiver for broadheads. Holds 5-arrows of any diameter. Twist-lock retention system completely contains your broadheads to keep the blades retained and ready for action, Unique, adjustable Cam-Lock quick release system lets you silently remove your quiver when you get on stand, Two Cam-Lock height adjustments for varied arrow lengths, Tough, lightweight extruded aluminum construction, weighs just 8 ounces, Built-in vibration dampening for quiet performance.
  • weighs only 8 ounces
  • holds 5 arrows
  • is compact, low-profile and ultra lightweight quiver
  • the new twistlock broadhead securing system inside the hood holds your broadheads snug inside specially designed foam inserts that prevent rattling or prematurely deployed blades
  • the carbon fiber dipped polymer hood fully encapsulates and protects your mechanical broadheads