Mr. Heater Little Buddy 3,800 BTU Portable Gas Heater

Posted by Gear for the Wild on Jan 8th 2020

Mr. Heater Little Buddy 3,800 BTU Portable Gas Heater

If you've spent many chilly pre-dawn hours in the duck blind, you will appreciate a portable heater as part of your mid-to-late season duck gear. After all, a little warmth can help settle you down and get ready for shoot time. We took the Little Buddy out on a duck hunt to see if it would do just that.

First, the heater was bulkier and heavier than we anticipated, so portability is dependent on how much gear you will be lugging to your camp, deer stand, or duck blind and how you will be transporting them. In our case, we had a decoy cart. No problem. The Little Buddy went into a camo backpack along with a canister of propane fuel and off it went. After some thought, it made sense that the heating element should be of a certain size in order to generate the amount of heat desired. Plus, we appreciated the heavy duty construction of the unit as it would withstand the rigors of the hunting life.

Once we got into the blind, we discovered that the center of the blind was a mucky, muddy mess with uneven edges. This is where the Little Buddy's 8" round stand came in handy. Once mounted, the heater stood steady and ready for operation. A little tip before firing up the heater: make sure that the propane cylinder is aligned and snugly seated into the heater valve. Once the two components were properly engaged, it was smooth sailing. Just depress the red "On" button until the pilot light appears at the bottom part of the round heating element, wait a few seconds and release. You will feel the heat flowing instantly and in a few more seconds the whole heating element will turn bright red and cranking heat to warm your chilly bones. To turn it off, just depress the smaller black "Off" button and you're done.

Repeat as needed.

The Little Buddy comes with extra safety features such as accidental tip-over and automatic low oxygen shut-off system. As with any appliance using gas, use the Little Buddy in a well-ventilated area and check for leaks if you smell anything funny.

The Little Buddy by Mr. Heater is now on sale at Gear for the Wild.

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